Attendance Regulations

Regular attendance is required for all students.  The Ohio Compulsory Attendance Law states, “Every parent, guardian, or other person having charge of any child between the ages of six and eighteen years, must send each child to a public, private, or parochial school for the full time that school is in session.  Such attendance must begin with the first week of the school term unless the child is excused upon satisfactory evidence showing either that physical or emotional condition of the child does not permit his/her attendance at school.”  Furthermore, Amended Substitute Bill 321 “The Missing Child Act” says:  “The Board of Education of each school district shall adopt a written policy with respect to notification of a student’s parents, custodial parent, guardian, legal custodian or other person responsible for him when the student is absent from school.”

Accordingly, Kenton City Schools policy shall be:  Whenever an absence occurs parents are to contact the office prior to 10:00 AM on the day of the absence.  When the parent/guardian fails to notify the school of an absence, the school will attempt to contact the home of the student by phone.  On their return to school, pupils are to bring a note from home explaining the reason for the absence, the date of the absence, and the note is to be signed by the parent/guardian.  If a note or phone call is not received within twenty-four hours of the student’s return to school, the absence will be considered unexcused (please send in all medical notes in a timely fashion).

Once a student is absent for more than five (5) days in a semester that are not medically excused, then all additional absences may be considered as unexcused (except for additional days which are medically excused).  Students who are habitually truant are subject to disciplinary consequences.  “Habitually truant” means any child of compulsory school age who is absent without legitimate excuse for absence from the public school the child is supposed to attend for five or more consecutive school days, seven or more days in one school month, or twelve or more school days in a school year.  The parent(s) or guardian(s) will be sent a warning letter five (5) days absent.


Extended Absence

In addition to the above guidelines, Kenton City Schools has a procedure for prearranged absences with the permission of the principal.  An extended absence form is available in the office explaining your absence request.  Extended absence forms must be turned in the office five (5) days in advance of the planned absence.


Tardy Policy

It is important that students be to school and classes on time as tardiness is disruptive to the educational process.  School starts promptly at 8:00 AM.  Students arriving to school after 8:00 AM must report to the office.  All partial absences are considered unexcused unless a medical note is presented.  

Any student who accumulates five (5) or more unexcused absences in a grading period will be considered insubordinate and may result in further disciplinary action and referral to the truancy officer.


Early Sign Out/Release Procedures

Occasionally a student may need to leave school before 2:45 PM due to certain situations, medical appointments, or family emergencies.

The procedure is as follows:

  • A note or call from home MUST be brought/made to the office the day the student is to leave early.

Please note that students will not be released to anyone not designated on the “Student Authorization Form” completed at the beginning of the year.


Transportation Changes

Please help us make the arrival and dismissal of our students a safe and pleasant process. Any transportation changes must be made before 12:00 PM. Permanent changes for pickup/drop off addresses must be made at least 3 days in advance. Please make all updates in Final Forms, under the Transportation section.