KES Cafe Corner Trivia

1. How many meals has KES served for lunch this school year (through the end of December)?
a) 20,000
b) 35,000
c) 50,000
d) 60,000
Answer is C. We have actually served a little more than 50,000 meals this school year. This is actually up about 8% from this time last year!

2) Of these lunch meals, how many power packs were purchased by our KES kids?
a) 5000
b) 9000
c) 18,000
d) 22,000
The answer is b – 9000! Power Packs are currently averaging between 22% and 26% of our total meals served each day.

3) What are our KES kids’ top 2 Lunch entrees?
a) Domino’s Pizza and Big Daddy Pizza
b) Domino’s Pizza and Popcorn Chicken Bowl
c) Domino’s Pizza and Hot Dog/Corn Dog
d) Domino’s Pizza and Breakfast for Lunch (French toast and sausage)

The answer is C. Hamburgers and Salisbury steak come in close 3rd and 4th place.

4) How many Free Breakfast meals have we served through December of this school year? Remember ALL kids eat free for breakfast each day.
a) 55,000
b) 45,000
c) 35,000
d) 25,000
The answer is A. We actually serve more breakfast than lunch meals at KES. We love being able to give our kids a breakfast boost. Eating a healthy breakfast helps our kids focus on learning! This year we have extended out hot breakfast option to twice weekly (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) and the kids really seem to be enjoying it!

As always, we love feeding your kids and if you ever have any questions or concerns, please call me at 410-673-7248 ext 1009