5th Grade & Kindergarten Students Synergize

An inspiring story from 5th grade teacher Mrs. Kimmel: “When my homeroom of students reach their class behavior goal, they earn a reward that they voted for as a class. During the third quarter, my students had voted to spend time with younger students as their reward. I love that our district recognizes the importance of synergy and how impactful it can be to partner older and younger students to provide leadership opportunities.

Last week, my homeroom visited Mrs. Chapman’s kindergarten class. Our students practiced sight words and read books together. This week, we visited Mrs. Wissman’s kindergarten class during their play centers and we learned more about Habit #4: Think Win-Win through an activity together. My fifth grade students absolutely loved visiting these classes! Thank you to Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Wissman for allowing my fifth graders to take these leadership opportunities!”

Thank you Mrs. Kimmel, Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Wissman for helping to make connections with our students.