A Visit From Matt Jennings

Our Elementary STEM education Grades 4-6 connected with a speaker in our community, Mr. Matt Jennings. He was able to come and share his love for our town, our community, our KES, and his love of flying his airplane in and around Kenton, Ohio. Some of our students videotaped his speech with iPads since he was only able to come in one day due to his job obligations. The students were proud to videotape and knew it was a way the other classes would be able to see his speech as well. He inspired all our students to look at their hobbies and connect them to their future learning opportunities. He did an awesome job building interest for our upcoming STEM projects related to math, science, engineering, inventing, and design of paper airplanes, boomerangs, and various flying machines. Here are a few pictures from that day.

5504E46B-0DB2-489F-A936-54CA750A34B4 - Amanda Dyer

D1CBDB92-D64E-473D-8E68-83EB1B2B5BFE - Amanda Dyer

EAEE36E7-93C9-466E-91A9-F42711C58A41 - Amanda Dyer

F5914613-850E-4682-A666-09432398069D - Amanda Dyer