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Reading Buddies

Mrs. Ketcham and Mrs. Oldham’s morning preschool class and Mrs. Mikesell’s third grade class are reading buddies this year! The third graders meet with younger students once a week to read together. We have great leaders in our third grade classrooms!
IMG_8913 - Amy Mikesell

IMG_8918 - Amy Mikesell

IMG_8923 - Amy Mikesell

IMG_8912 - Amy Mikesell (1)

Germ Week

IMG_8356 (1)CleanHands

School Nurse, Mindy Hensel, held a “clean” clinic with some of our second graders. All students that entered the clinic were asked to wash their hands! The students were also shown demonstrations of germ activity and had some fun learning about taking care of yourself to prevent the spread of germs.

IMG_8351 (1)



As the temperature gets colder there is always an increase in sickness and viruses at school. The best way to prevent the spread of germs is to wash your hands!