KES May Leadership Award

The criteria for the monthly leadership award is based on students displaying attributes that include The 7 Habits, as well as, virtues such as Leadership, Integrity, Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Determination, Willpower, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Empathy, Citizenship, and Compassion.

Congratulations to the May Leadership Award winners!

May 2018

The list of names is in no particular order in relation to the picture:

Edison Latimore, Lianna Purcell, Rilynn Taylor, Bentley Ray, Clay Furr, Libby and Mia Saylor, Zenneth Long, Henry Newland, Lena Erwin, Daniel Britton, Owen Stuck, Robert Thurman, Willie Orcasitas, Nikolas Arias Castle Glasco, Tristan Long, Jesse Shoop, Lillian Poland, Luke Getz, Jada Helton, Koby Hendrickson, Jacklyn Manns, Brooke Vermillion, Blake Haggard, Kynlee Schutte, Autumn Monday, Issac Anderson, LeLind Holland, Emilee Helton, Chloe Snowden, Dakota Ream, Adesyn Bridenstine, Faith Phipps, Kaylin Wilcox, Liam Hewett, Quinlyn Spearman, Simon Hiller, Kiyah Howe, Cayden Pyles, Damaris Castillo Hernandez, Emori Criner, Maddison Helton, Macee Heckathorn, Cailyn Hopkins, Elliott Hammonds, Brayden Prater, Ethan Ashbrook, Gracie Dunn, Kale House, Chenille Cowen, Bethany Cameron, Grace Lodge, and Joel Bowman