5th Grade Program Notice

Music Notes

The Kenton Elementary School fifth grade students are starting to put finishing touches on their concert coming up on Thursday, February 15th at 7PM in the Kenton Elementary School Gymnasium.  This is for all 5th grade students who are NOT in band, and for those band members who have been attending Choir after school on Wednesdays.  The Dress Rehearsal will be at approximately 2:05 PM that same day.  Grandparents and parents who work nights are welcome to attend the after Dress Rehearsal.

Students should arrive at Kenton Elementary School on Thursday, February 15th at approximately 6:30 PM and go to their classrooms.

The program celebrates President’s Day with songs about our Presidents throughout the past 240 plus years, as well as, our Fifty Nifty United States!

Costumes are pretty easy!  Just have your student wear Red-White-or-Blue!  In addition, if you have a college sweatshirt or t-shirt with one of the 50 states’ names on it, you can wear it (examples:  Michigan, Ohio State, Kentucky, Alabama, etc…)

Parking for the Evening Performance:
If your child is in Mrs. Ruhlen, Ms. Saunier, or Mrs. Sherman’s (Rogers) class, please park in the back parking lot (where the buses park) and enter the school through the back door.  If your child is in Mr. Abbott, Mrs. Kimmel, or Mrs. Courtney’s class, please park in the front parking lot and enter the school through the front door.

If 90% or higher or any individual class is in attendance, those students will enjoy a movie and munchie day in music class.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office.