KES January Leadership Award

The criteria for the monthly leadership award is based on students displaying attributes that include The 7 Habits, as well as, virtues such as Leadership, Integrity, Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Determination, Willpower, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Empathy, Citizenship, and Compassion.

Congratulations to the January Leadership Award winners!


The list of names is in no particular order in relation to the picture:

Griffin Hensel, Peyton Bailey, Caradee Turner, Xander Lawrence, Wesley Benson, Adan Vega, Samson Manns, Liam Bethel, Judah Hudgel, Peytin Rigney, Adella Dudek, Noah Gwynn, Ava Stuckey, Mason Rish, Gracie Broadstone, Elaina Hartley, Aubrey Kavanagh, Maggie Musser, Raivynn Treen, Jayden Schutte, Evan Rall, Slade Taylor, Jaelin Saxton, Memphys Baier, Zaiden Lawrence, Katie Lowe, Nathan Thrush, Jayden Mustain, Isaac Blevins, Trevor Roesner, Wyatt McKenzie, Olivia Grasley, Johnny Archer, Tiffany Kalb, Zayne Perkins, Cale Harshfield, Seth Spencer, Trinity Tracy, Garraden Wirbel, Kairi Brim, Samantha Blue, Luke Anderson, Keeton Pierce, Kenzie Kugel, Anna Coon, Alexis Baker, Cohan Cook, Tim Wilkinson, Jacob Boyer, Donovan George, and Angel Forester.