KES Wildcat Prowl

On Thursday, May 18th, Kenton Elementary School students participated in the Wildcat Prowl.  The Wildcat Prowl is also a school-wide fundraiser event where proceeds go back to the KES PTO for field trips and other student activities.

Below are pictures from the event:

prowl19 prowl18 prowl17 prowl16 prowl15 prowl14 prowl13 prowl12 prowl11 prowl10 prowl9 prowl8 prowl7 prowl6 prowl5 prowl4 prowl3 prowl2 prowl1IMG_5880IMG_5881 (1)IMG_5879IMG_5878IMG_5883IMG_7474IMG_28050b07d05161c32b4c5b83e9842ed5510ab10c148586577cf28c33b9b3cc9b8ebc6d3eb54cf961b08e1c65c5924f183673daca8ea802951687f16b6babdea4e28e3fcbprowl23prowl22prowl21prowl20prowl28prowl27prowl26prowl25