Jump Rope for Heart 2017


Thank you to all of the students who participated in KES’s annual Jump Rope for Heart.  Families, community organizations, and staff contributed $5,462.19.  Thank you for supporting the American Heart Association in their fight to decrease cardiovascular diseases.

The top fundraiser was Halleigh Jones with over $300 raised.  Gavin Boyle had over $200.  We had 128 participants in grades one though six.  Prizes will be delivered in early April.

Great job KES students!

Students who raised $100 or more:

Halleigh Jones (Zoeller, Grade 1)
Gavin Boyle (Ewing, Grade 4)
Clara Kemmere (Frey, Grade 3)
Ashlynn Spangler (Boone, Grade 4)
Emily Pees (Courtney, Grade 5)
Dallace Dalton (Boone, Grade 4)
Miescha Blair (Ewing, Grade 3)
Chelsee Fish (Reed, Grade 6)
Kaylee McKean (Mikesell, Grade 3)
Mackenzie Fry (Ruhlen, Grade 5)
Kyle Fry (Gammon, Grade 3)
Claire Ketcham (Jacoby, Grade 5)
Lilly Horn (Stauffer, Grade 2)
Amanda Van Horn (Root, Grade 1)
Izic Bixler (Zoeller, Grade 1)