5th Grade Program Notice Reminder

Music Notes

The Kenton Elementary School fifth grade students will present their musical revue, The Beatles this Thursday, March 9th at 7PM in the Kenton Elementary School gymnasium.  The Dress Rehearsal will be Thursday morning at approximately  9:10 AM.  Grandparents and parents who work nights are welcome to attend the morning Dress Rehearsal.

Students should begin to arrive at Kenton Elementary School on Thursday, March 9th at approximately 6:30 PM and go to their classrooms.

Just have your student wear any combination of bright colors, tie-dyed shirts, headbands, bell-bottom jeans, and anything else that might help us create a 1960’s/early 1970’s look.  There is no need to buy anything new, just use your creativity and imagination!

If your child is in Mrs. Ruhlen, Ms. Rogers, or Ms. Jacoby’s class, please park in the back parking lot (where the buses park) and enter the school through the back door.  If your child is in Mrs. Kimmel, Mrs. Courtney, or Ms. Saunier’s class, please park in the front parking lot and enter the school through the front door.

As a reward for participating in the musical, each fifth grader that attends the night performance will receive one of the following “rewards”:  extra recess, a gym activity, or a movie, depending on what we can work out with other staff members.  If your fifth grader does not attend the night performance, they will receive an alternate assignment that must be completed to earn the points from the performance back.

PLEAES NOTE:  Participation is not required for current members of the 5th grade band.  Those that have participated in the Club ROAR time on Wednesdays are invited to perform with us.

If your child needs a ride to the evening performance, please contact the school office.  If you have any questions, please contact the school office.