KES January Character Award

The criteria for the monthly character award is based on students displaying attributes that include The 7 Habits, as well as, virtues such as Leadership, Integrity, Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Determination, Willpower, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Empathy, Citizenship, and Compassion.

January’s virtue is Willpower. ¬†The Leader in Me Habit is Put First Things First.


Listed below are the award winners:

Noah Reed, Tanner Schinness, Addison Hayter, Isaac Evans, Charlie Martell, Oarmni England, Kaleia Fowler, Emma Kaylor, Emily Grasley, Lauryn Newman, Jace Broadstone, Za’shaun Jackson, Koby Hendrickson, Zaiden Lawerence, Caitlyn Lodge, Preston Houchins, Ally Jackson, Gavin Sealscott, Evan Rall, Tayvin Castle Evilsizer, Brockton Criswell, Kaylee Thomas, Teaira Moyer, Madison Oakes, McKayla Logan, Brody Criswell, Sergio Romero, Carter McGinnis, Seth Spencer, Alaina Nye, Kiyah Howe, Daisha Wells, Johnny Archer, Austen Gerlach, Abigail Schmelzer, Aubrey Mendenhall, Arianna Alejo, Trinity Pollock, Ashlynn Spangler, Julian Gallegos, Taylee Moyer, Autumne Leisure, Elly Saylor, Emily Pees, Alison Gerding, Abbie Mullins, Jacob Newland, Branson Sharp, Shaidyn Hughes, Rhylee Inskeep, Charolette Culwell, Brooklyn Burris, Owen Duncan.