KES May Character Award

The criteria for the monthly character award is based on students displaying attributes that include virtues such as Integrity, Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Determination, Willpower, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Empathy, Citizenship, and Compassion.

At KES, we have a character curriculum that highlights a different virtue every month.  May’s virtue is Citizenship.


The names are listed in no particular order:

Lucca Wingfield
Katherine Barlow
Teagin Castle
Mariah Mercer
Lyla Gammon
Alexa Hardin
Bradyn Hildreth
Shane Bailey
Toronto Curl
Jet Lease
Grayson Risner
Kavin Risner
Emilee Helton
Trevor Roesner
Kylie Adams
Kyla Schmelzer
Mason Reffner
Mattix Harris
Adalyn Manns
Mary Winegardner
Clara Kemmere
Brittany Beamer
Kindle Wilcox
Ava Scott
Anna Coon
Quinn Reffner
Brooke Vansky
Jesse Harrison
Sadie Larrabee
Dominic Curl
Austen Gerlach
Nolan Flowers
Samantha Sturgeon
Weston Hites
Austin Rosencrance
Haylee Wise
Troy Brown
Emily Pees
Lauren Woltz
Manny Wilson
Jarron Willoby
Madison Shanks
Thomas Perdue
Brock Heckathorn
Jazlynn Lowery
Heavenly Newland
Aryanna Spangler
Keegan Hendrickson
Lauren Bartlett
Bert Grubbs
Devan Dulin
Emma Clum