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Lunch Menu: Week of May 2nd – May 6th

School Lunch

Pizza Variety
Fresh Tossed Salad
Mixed Fruit
Choice of Milk

Corndog on a Stick
Buttered Corn
Mixed Fruit
Choice of Milk

Breaded Mozzarella Sticks
Marinara Sauce
Green Beans
Mixed Fruit
Choice of Milk

WG Chicken Sandwich
Fresh Veggies
Mixed Fruit
Choice of Milk

Cheeseburger on a Bun with Pickles
Oven Potatoes
Mixed Fruit
Fun Size Treat
Choice of Milk

1st Grade Music Program

Music Notes

The Kenton Elementary School first grade students will present their spring musical on Thursday, May 5th.  In order to accommodate the large number of family members who attend our programs, Mrs. Sheldon and Mr. Georgeson will each have their own performance with only the students they each teach.  This will allow more students to have lead parts while reducing the audience by half.

The program is called, “A Barnyard Musical.”  It is a musical for young voices about unique and talented animals living at an unusual farm.  Between the gourmet goats who refuse to eat garbage, a chorus line of hoofing cows, neatnik pigs, and funky dancing chickens, the musical will be sure to tickle the funny bone of performers and audience.

Mrs. Sheldon’s class will be performing “A Barnyard Musical” on Thursday, May 5th at 6:00 PM.  Students should begin arriving at Kenton Elementary School on Thursday, May 5th at 5:30 PM.  The Dress Rehearsal will be at 8:30 AM that same day in the Kenton Elementary School cafeteria.  Parents or grandparents who work evenings are invited to attend the morning dress rehearsal.  (Mrs. Jeffers, Mrs. Gerding, and Mrs. Cook)  

Mr. Georgeson’s class will be performing “A Barnyard Musical” on Thursday, 5th at 7:30 PM.  Students should begin arriving at Kenton Elementary School on Thursday, May 5th at 7:00 PM.  The Dress Rehearsal will be at 9:15 AM that same day in the Kenton Elementary School cafeteria.  Parents or grandparents who work evenings are invited to attend the morning dress rehearsal.  (Miss Brim, Mrs. Eibling, Mrs. Jesionowski, and Miss Zartman)


Costumes:  Costumes are very simple – just wear barnyard animal clothing!  Below are examples of what you may want to try:

Cows:  brown tee shirt with optional white felt circles attached; headband with brown ears attached.

Chickens:  yellow tee shirts with optional feathers attached or a feather boa; headband with red comb attached.  The chickens are “funky” chickens, so adding sun glasses, leather vests, a sweatband, etc… would be fun!

Pigs:  pink tee shirts with optional curly tail attached; headband with pig ears attached.  A colorful kerchief around the waist or neck could be fun!

Goats:  gray tee shirts (could be the KES tee shirt turned wrong side out) with optional chef hat or apron.

You do not need to go buy something new.  The important thing is to make sure that your student comes and joins in on all the fun!

As an added bonus this year, if 100% of all of Mrs. Sheldon’s and Mr. Georgeson’s classes are in attendance, those students will receive an ice cream sundae party during their next music class with them.

Thank you for your support of music at KES!

3rd Nine Weeks A/B Honor Roll

3rd Nine Weeks – A/B Honor Roll

3rd Grade:

Jessica Wood
Kelton Spearman
Abigail Schmelzer
Addison Mustain
Tessa McMillion
Kelsey Mayse
Grady Kleman
Laylah Helton
Austen Gerlach
Kaven Blair
Alexis Shadley
Gracie Pack
Mikaela Mojica
Cailyn Hopkins
Donnie Dunn
Alexis Disbennett
Anna Coon
Taylor Arthur
Taylor Barlow
Leah Harder
Jesenia Hernandez
Owen Kauble
Jared Manns
Alexis Osborne
Ashlynn Spangler
Lillian Titus
Ethan Ashbrook
Gracie Black
Kyla Bostater
Will Browning
Brooke Vansky
Kenzie Williams
Dawson Miller
Kaelyn Long
Sadie Larrabee
Claire Kemmere
Benjamin Dilts
Tessa Burris
Colton Rigsby
Tessa Baier
Jolee Dawson
Mariss Fox
Maddison Miller
Destiney Hughes
Kenzie Kugel
Lane Richardson
Jozie Winegardner
Mia Musser
Sebastian Baad

4th Grade:

Austin Rosencrance
Grace Lodge
Kinley Howe
Jacob Boyer
Brailyn Thacker
Benjamin Sams
Emily Pees
Miraj Patel
Adrienne Frey
Dakota Freshcorn
Bethany Cameron
Delaney Buxton
Dylan Barlow
Mya Good
Jerson Hernandez
Carter Herydinger
Spencer Anglemyer
Elly Saylor
Joel Bowman
Hayden Curl
TJ Edwards
MJ Harper
Kylie Hurt
Lauren Woltz
Kira Ray
Alex Humphries
Aaliyah Clark
Chenille Cowen
Heaven Harris
Kale House
Sean Kuhlman
Abbie Mullins
Samantha Sturgeon
Carl Woodruff
Hunter Taylor
Jalon Manns
Jayden Bostelman

5th Grade:

Jarron Willoby
Christian Rogers
Katelynn Preston
Tyson Hopkins
Lora Harder
Logan Winfield
Haylie Wilson
Gracie Scott
Stone Sauber
Haylie Furr
Hayley Gallant
Caleb Harp-Pulfer
Mitchell Stephens
Elaine Webster
Shane Spencer
Abigail Mustain
Tyson Lawrence
Brock Heckathorn
Mario Arreola
Abi Smith
Seth Manns
Drake Grant
Isabelle Kugler
Brooklyn Burris
Camden Hicks
Manny Wilson
Syvanna Shepherd
Brylee Ramge
Amiya Manns
Brody Heckathorn
Kendyl Gibson

6th Grade:

Gage Buxton
Alana Coon
Liberty Lowe
Marissa Marling
Nicole Martinez
Matthew Temple
Conner Shirk
Addison Modd
Madison Kugel
Theo Jesionowski
Caleb Hershberger
Derrick Newman
Mya Lewis
Anthony George
Daniel Davidson
Katelyn Blum
Jarrett Jolliff
Madison McPherson
Devan Dulin
Bailee Phillips
Max Haushalter

3rd Nine Weeks All A Honor Roll

3rd Nine Weeks – All A Honor Roll

3rd Grade:

Sienna Christie
Austin Chen
Macee Heckathorn
Emma Hougendobler
Cam Jesionowski
Sandy Shepherd
Lucy Whitmer
William Wilkinson
Samantha Blue
Rylee Benson
Quinn Reffner
Ruby Styer
Morgan Lyons
Braylon Smith
Avery Miller
Abigail Jimenez

4th Grade:

Haylee Wise
Emma Mulligan
Aiden Mackenzie
Angel Forester
Brynn Butler
Sam Chen
Anberlin Fogle
Bella Hoffman
Ethan Rall
Ethan Yoder
Claire Ketcham
Trenton Rogers
Anthony Hunt
Alison Gerding

5th Grade:

Gabi Wetherill
Kooper Johnston
Carter Hale
Addison Epling
Thursday Fogle
Raven Grogan
Aidan Wood
Jenna White
Trevor Robinson
Aaron Modd
Brinley Hites
Gavin Manns
Riley Hunt
Ali Harpel
Avery Smith
Connor Defibaugh
Grady Baum
Keera Osborne
Jayson Dyer

6th Grade:

Helen Huang
Lauren Bartlett
Wyatt Gerlach
Samantha Lowe
Angel Chen
Caitlyn Boyle
Katie Sturgeon
Caleb Mackenzie
Zachary Heintz
Taylor Harshfield
Bert Grubbs
Andrew Fox
Grace Collins
Kylie Allmon
Noah Ketcham
Mitch Jennings

3rd Nine Weeks – Perfect Attendance

3rd Nine Weeks Perfect Attedance.


Robert Gayheart
Gracie Broadstone
Brooklyn Browning
Meredith Cameron
Tristan Long


Luke Hougendobler
Jaelin Saxton
Oliver Sneary
Zane Styer
Reese Miller
Wyatt Werner
Geneva Norris
Zaidyn Wyomic
Caelyn Bailey
Quinn Billenstein
Slade Taylor
Kaylee Barlow
Brylee Bostelman
Zayden Scroggs

1st Grade:

Billy Jones
Quinlon Kozman
Aubree Bressler
Mandalee Dyer
Karyn Hopkins
Trinity Williams
Logan Sherrer
Izzabelle Werner
Carter Cannode
Sawyer Buxton
Amiel Huff
Skyler Brown

2nd Grade:

Luis Contreras
Adriana Rogel
Tiffany Kalb
Seth Spencer
Savannah Cannode
Kaydence Joyal
Gwenyth Sneary
Braelyn Wyomic
Brayla Butler
Richard Huang
Elijah Rhoads
Taryn Bailey
Edwin Hinojo
Jayven Joyal
Ella Rogers
Nick Rogers
Mariann Woodruff

3rd Grade:

Sienna Christie
Gavin Boyle
Dillon Dulin
Jesse Harrison
Lane Richardson
Lucy Whitmer
Addison Herzog
Dawson Miller
Allison Watkins
Avery Bridenstine
Lukas Anderson
Carson Bash
Aubrey Mendenhall
Taylor Barlow
Leah Harder
Quinn Reffner
Lilly Carmean
Cailyn Hopkins
Braylon Smith
Grady Kleman
Rebecca Fox

4th Grade:

Cohan Cook
Jace Miller
Samantha Sturgeon
Kale House
Ethan Rall
Dylan Barlow
Mackenzie Fry
Adam Hopkins
James Mulligan
Trenton Rogers
Delaney Buxton
Benjamin Sams
Brailyn Thacker
Jasmine Johnson

5th Grade:

Kendyl Gibson
Carter Hale
Brody Heckathorn
Brylee Ramge
Manny Wilson
Vern Woodruff
Issac Oreglia
Abi Smith
Shawn Walter
Shane Spencer
Trevor Robinson
Tyson Lawrence
Brinley Hites
Brock Heckthorn
Caiden Risner
Zane Rogers
Logan Winfield
Shaidyn Hughes
Jayson Dyer
Lora Harder
Johnathan Imboden
Christian Rogers

6th Grade:

Lauren Bartlett
Azaryah Faught
Denzel Imboden
Evan Tudor
Kyle Bopp
Kyle Shirk
Devan Dulin
Cameron Bopp
Jarrett Jolliff
Chelsea Kalb
Adrianna Mullins
Haley Sams
Bobby Morrow
Emma Clum
Hannah Beach
Taylor Harshfield
Addison Modd
Katie Sturgeon
Noah Ketcham

Music Professor Visits KES 5th and 6th Grade Band Students

On Thursday, April 14th, the KES Bands were excited to welcome Dr. Lisa Martin, a professor of music education at BGSU, to rehearsal!

This was a special opportunity for our students at KES to learn and work with a collegiate professor.  The students really enjoyed the event!

Our upcoming concert is on Tuesday, May 10th at 7 PM at KES.  

Below are pictures from Dr. Martin’s visit:

band1 band2 band3 band4 band5 band6 band7 band8 band9 band10 band11 band12