KES March Character Award Recipients

The criteria for the monthly character award is based on students displaying attributes that include virtues such as Integrity, Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Determination, Willpower, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Empathy, Citizenship, and Compassion.  At KES we have a character curriculum that highlights a different virtue every month.

March’s virtue is Fairness.


The KES March Character Award Recipients are:

Layelle Coulson
Audry Haudenschield
Carmyn Barlow
Andrew Close
Ashlyn Pack
Caitlyn Lodge
Cameron Boyer
Peyton Anderson
Lenna Moore
Gavin Miller
Logan Daniels
Mia Vermillion
Wyatt Gore
Arianna Hastings
Tate Ketcham
Bryce Wallace
Raleigh Newman
Isaac Blevins
Megan Blankenship
Jackson Blue
Parker Jackson
Daisha Wells
Kaelynn Saxton
Tommy Mustain
Kaiden Gammon
Cailyn Hopkins
Gabbreella Cole
Aubrey Mendenhall
Kinze Sprang
Claire Kemmere
Jozie Winegardner
Kaven Blair
Skyler Brown
Samuel Chen
Jacob Boyer
Tessa Dunahue
Mackenzie Fry
Hailey Burris
Kyle Hurt
Gabi Wetherill
Luke Shockey
Thursday Fogle
Shaidyn Hughes
Mario Arreola
Caleb Harp-Pulfer
Emma Miller
Haley Sams
Phillip Steele
Helen Huang
Madison Kugel
Brent Rader
Hailey Melvin