Healthy Body Image, Healthy You Presentation


The Healthy Body Image, Healthy You Presentation will be presented by Ohio Northern University Pharmacy students of Kappa Epsilon.

They have designed a 40 minute educational presentation for your student to raise awareness about the importance of body image.  The often negative influence of the media, especially social media, and the unrealistic beauty standards it promotes can lead to a negative self-esteem and body image.  They are working to combat this by reaching out to middle and elementary school students to promote healthy body images!

Their presentation aims to help students to:

  • Understand what a body image is
  • Identify what influences their personal body image
  • Realize how unrealistic media images negatively affect body image
  • Find value in their bodies and what they have the power to do
  • Take proper care of their bodies

Kenton Elementary School fifth and sixth graders will see this presentation in March.