December Character Award Winners

December Character Award

The criteria for the monthly character award is based on students displaying attributes that include virtues such as Integrity, Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Determination, Willpower, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Empathy, Citizenship, and Compassion.  At KES we have a character curriculum that highlights a different virtue every month.

December’s virtue is Determination.

The list of names is in no particular order in relation to the picture:

Kellen Good, Judah Hudgel, Luke Hougendobler, Jamison Clark, Amanda Van Horn, Evan Rall, Alannah Jackson, Adelynne Renkert, Kaylee Barlow, Rebecca Rigsby, Luxie Conaway, Landon Brim, Annyka Barth, Trinity Williams, Olivia Grasely, Liza Gierhart, Haven Conley, Haven Thompson,  McKenna Stanforth, Erica Biederman, Breann Vermillion. Justin Wright, Lily Evans, Christopher Villa Rodriguez, Jack Whitmer, Korbin Johnston, JJ Manns, Rhylie Armes, Tessa Baier, Colton Rigsby, Mia Musser, Addison Mustain, Aidan Vogel, Heaven Harris, Kinley Howe, Brynn Butler, Claire Ketcham, Bethany Cameron, Ethan Yoder, Abi Temple, Dustin Proffitt, Patrick Cannode, Abigail Mustain, Dante McKean, Cheryl Coomes, Jarrett Jolliff, Kylie Allmon, Lauren Bartlett, Andrew Fox, Madison McPherson, Angel Chen