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Blizzard Bags


Blizzard Bags are intended for students to use in the event that we exceed the State of Ohio’s 5-Calamity Day Allocation.

Completing Blizzard Bag assignments will help our students to make up work for up to 3 additional days without having to extend the school year.

We will be sending home Blizzard Bag assignments prior to Winter Break.  More information and directions on how to complete the Blizzard Bag assignments are to follow.

Any student who completes all three days of assignments and turns them into their classroom teacher by January 14th will receive a small treat and have their name placed in a drawing for a prize.

Your child will only be docked attendance days if Kenton City Schools goes beyond the 5 calamity days and he/she does not complete the Blizzard Bag assignments.

Fall Fundraiser Update!


Congratulations to our Fall Fundraiser Winners:

  • $2000:  Don Temple
  • $1000:  Natasha Kleman
  • $750:  Trey Middleton
  • $500:  Mike McFarlin
  • $250:  Erica Grossman
  • $100:  Edward Dick
  • $100:  Jack Humphrey
  • $100:  Mark Van Horn
  • $100:  Mary Baker
  • $100:  Glenda Over

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket!

Congratulations to our Top Fall Fundraiser Student Raffle Ticket Sellers!  The top five sellers will receive an individual prize, as well as, the top grade level sellers.  Each top class per grade will celebrate with a pizza party.

Top Students:

  • Allison Gerding
  • Gavin Payne
  • Sidney Payne
  • Maddux McFarlin
  • Owen Kauble

Top Students per Grade:

  • Noah Reed (PS)
  • Hudson Latimore (K)
  • Katie Lowe (1)
  • Kaylee McKean (2)
  • Austin Ashbrook and Avery Miller (3)
  • Brailyn Thacker (4)
  • Chelsee Fish (5)
  • Mitch Jennings and Zach Wedertz (6)

Top Classes per Grade:

  • K – Wissman
  • 1 – Gerding
  • 2 – Stauffer
  • 3 – Mikesell
  • 4 – Grossman
  • 5 – Ames
  • 6 – Smith

On November 24th, all students who participated in the Fall Fundraiser received a strip of duct tape for their signed permission slip and for each raffle ticket they sold.  Principal Angela Butterman and Custodian Robert Ashbrook were taped to the wall at lunchtime in the cafeteria.

tape2 tape1

School Delays and Closings

snowflakes (1)


In the event that Kenton City Schools would be on a two hour delay, school would begin at 10:00 AM.  No breakfast is served on days with two hour delays.


In the event that Kenton City Schools would be on a three hour delay, school would begin at 11:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM.  No breakfast is served on days with three hour delays.


Any delays or closings will be announced on WKTN on 95.3 FM, WLIO Lima, and Columbus Channels 4, 6, and 10.  Online delay information may be obtained at: and will be sent through the “Connect Ed” phone system to all those who are registered.

Outside Recess

1_mittens hat glove (1)

Winter is now upon us and the weather has taken a turn.  Therefore, it is essential that your children wear winter coats, hats, and gloves.  Snow boots are also necessary now that snow has arrived.

We will be going outside for recess as long as the temperature/wind chill is 20 degrees or higher.

Our students enjoy the fresh air and need to expend energy.  Students are not allowed to stay inside unless they have a note from the doctor or their teacher requests they stay in to finish or make-up work.

Don’t Forget to Order Your Yearbook!


Yearbooks are on sale NOW!

Make sure to order your student a yearbook.  Yearbook order forms were passed out at Parent/Teacher Conferences.

The deadline to order is:  December 10, 2015.

You can order yearbooks online at  Make sure to use the yearbook ID code:  10676016.

If you send in your yearbook order, make checks payable to:  Lifetouch.

Lunch Menu: Week of November 30th – December 4th

School Lunch

Tony’s Cheese Pizza
Fresh Tossed Salad
Mixed Fruit
Choice of Milk

Pasta with Meat Sauce
Mixed Veggies
Mixed Fruit
CF Breadstick
Choice of Milk

Hotdog on a Bun
Mixed Fruit
Choice of Milk

WG Chicken
Green Beans
Mixed Fruit
Dinner Roll
Choice of Milk

Cheeseburger on a Bun
Oven Potatoes
Mixed Fruit
Fun Size Treat
Choice of Milk

Congratulations to our KES PTO Raffle Drawing Winners!


On Thursday, November 19th, the KES PTO had their annual Raffle Drawing.  The following names are the winners this year:

  • $2000:  Don Temple
  • $1000:  Natasha Kleman
  • $750:  Trey Middleton
  • $500:  Mike McFarlin
  • $250:  Erica Grossman
  • $100:  Edward Dick
  • $100:  Jack Humphrey
  • $100:  Mark Van Horn
  • $100:  Mary Baker
  • $100:  Glenda Overs

Congratulations to our winners!  Thank you to everyone who participated in the Raffle Drawing!  We appreciate your support!

Below are pictures of the Raffle Drawing:

Pictured are (L to R):  Mrs. Grubbs (KES Art Teacher), Marcy Jennings (KES PTO President), Mrs. Simmons (KES Principal), Christina Cross (KES PTO Communications Officer), and Antwilla Davis (KES PTO Raffle Drawing Chair)

drawing5 drawing4 drawing3 drawing2
Thank you to Mrs. Grubbs for allowing your students to participate in the Raffle Drawing!