PAX Home Training


The PAX Good Behavior Game is a tool teachers at Kenton Elementary are using in their classrooms to help students with self regulation, self control, and self management.  Playing the PAX Game leads to reduced classroom disruptions, fewer symptoms of inattention, reduced aggression, fewer referrals and suspensions, more time for teaching and learning, and reduced need for special education or mental health services.

Many components of the PAX Game can also be used at home!  Join us for our FREE series of PAX Home lessons each month at Kenton Elementary!  Each one will focus on a different concept of PAX and will take just 15 minutes of your time.  The best part?  All materials and instructions provided will be yours to keep and take home to play with your kids!


  • Tuesday, October 27th (Session 2)
  • Tuesday, November 24th (Session 3)
  • Tuesday, January 26th  (Session 4)
  • Tuesday, February 23rd  (Session 5)
  • Tuesday, March 22nd  (Session 6)

**Sessions will begin at 9 AM in the cafeteria.


  • Thursday, November 5th  (Session 1)
  • Thursday, December 3rd  (Session 2)
  • Thursday, January 7th  (Session 3)
  • Thursday, February 4th  (Session 4)
  • Thursday, March 3rd  (Session 5)
  • Thursday, April 7th  (Session 6)

**Sessions will begin at 7:30 PM in the cafeteria.

Enter to win a $25 gift card at each session!  Must be present to win!