The Turtle Lady Comes to KES!

Earlier this month, Kenton Elementary School students in grades preschool through second grade had the opportunity to hear the Turtle Lady give her presentation on turtles and other reptiles.

During the hour long presentation with each class, the Turtle Lady shared over 30+ creatures with the students – 25 turtles (small, medium, and large), 4 bearded dragons, 2 snakes, and several “surprise” amphibians.

The Turtle Lady shared many different facts about the turtles and other reptiles that she brought, such as:  where they live, what they like to eat, how long they live, etc….

A major highlight for students was at the end of the presentation, where the students were able to rotate to different stations and they were able to see the turtles and other reptiles up close, as well as, touch them.

Thank you Turtle Lady for coming to our school and sharing your special message!  The students truly enjoyed your visit!

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