Join the Cast of the KES Production of The PTO Executive Board


Are you ready for a starring role?

No movie could be made without a production team – the scenes crew, producer, screenwriter, and casting director.  The KES PTO Executive Board is much like a film production in that way.  We work together to diligently insure that the KES teachers and students get the support they need.

It’s nominee time!  What part would you like to play?

  • Are you a born leader?
  • Are you great with fundraising ideas?
  • Are you a numbers whiz with a love of budgets?
  • Are you a communications and marketing guru?
  • Are you great at entertaining and planning parties?

Whatever your talent, we have a role for you!

2015-2016 PTO Board Officer Position Descriptions

President:  Serves as principal executive officer of the organization.  (Per by the bylaws, Marcy Jennings, current Vice President, will fill this role for the 2015-2016.)  2014-2015 Term:  Nikki Haushalter

Vice President:  Acts as an aide to the president and performs the president duties in the absence or inability of the president.  Performs other delegated duties as assigned.  (2 Year Term).  2014-2015 Term:  Marcy Jennings

Secretary:  Keeps the minutes of the proceedings of the membership and executive committee.  Conducts delegated correspondence and performs other assigned duties.  (1 Year Term).  2014-2015 Term:  Christina Cross

Treasurer:  Has charge and is responsible for all funds of the organization.  Reports account balance at membership or monthly meetings.  Collects and deposits PTO monies.  (1 Year Term).  2014-2015 Term:  Serena Baum

Communications Officer:  Prepares all communication on behalf of the PTO.  Performs delegated duties as assigned.  (1 Year Term).  2014-2015:  Shannon Allmon

Although the start of the new production (the next school calendar year 2015-2016) may seem like months away, it’s the current board’s obligation to help form an Executive Board for the next year.  And the process begins NOW!

If you are interested or would like to nominate someone you think would be a great candidate, please contact PTO President Nikki Haushalter at by Friday, April 10th.

Or, turn in a nomination form that will be sent home with your student by April 10th.  The deadline for PTO Officer Nomination submission is 3:45 PM on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.  All interested candidates must attend both PTO meetings on April 15th and April 20th.  The election will take place on Wednesday, May 20th at 3:45 PM in the KES Media Center.  Only those present at the May PTO meeting can vote.  No absentee voting permitted.  For any questions, contact the current PTO Board.

Isn’t it time for you to have a big role in your child’s school experience?

It’s not a full time gig.  Depending on what part you play, the time required of your talents can vary from occasional appearances, to once a week on the set, to sporadic big scenes.  Upon election, the 2015-2016 PTO Board will appoint committee chairs/co-chairs to the following committees:

  • Box Tops
  • Wildcat Store Rewards/Incentives
  • Fall Raffle Fundraiser
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Spring Fundraiser

If you’re interested in chairing or co-chairing next year, please also let Nikki Haushalter know.

No more waiting in the wings!  This is your year to take the spotlight!