Jump Rope For Heart 2015






126 KES students in grades 3-6 raised a total of $7529.00 for the American Heart Association’s fight against heart disease and stroke.

This was the highest amount raised and highest student participation in our history of hosting the event.

All participants will receive a jump rope and other prizes based on how much money they collected, and our school receives $400 in PE equipment.

Thanks to all who participated and donated.

Top Participants:

Skylynn Vogel – $390 (Plott)

M.J. Harper – $315 (Erter)

Caitlyn Boyle – $285 (Jacoby)

$150 – $275 Raised:

Chelsee Fish (Plott)

Denzel Imboden (Mikesell)

Max Haushalter (Ruhlen)

Helen  Huang (Rogers)

Angel Chen (Lenhart)

Chloe Pleasant (Berry)

Alison Gerding (Ewing)

Grace Collins (Ruhlen)

Kasee Sandrus (Scott)