National Kidney Month


March is National Kidney and KES would like to recognize one of our own this month to raise awareness and funding for Matthew’s Mission.

Matthew Temple is in 5th grade at KES and was born with Chronic Kidney Disease (also known as CKD).  This can be caused by many different things and means that your kidneys are not able to do their jobs as they should.

This puts you at risk for problems like weak bones, trouble growing, anemia (not enough red blood cells), high blood pressure, and even heart disease.

Matthew has been through lots of treatments, hospitalizations, and surgeries, including removal of his left kidney in 2008.  He is considered stable at this time with continued follow up.  Although he will have this disease for the rest of his life, it is unknown, what his future holds, it doesn’t stop from him wanting to help other kids with chronic diseases and disabilities.  So, he came up with the idea of Matthew’s Mission.  This is a program/group that will raise awareness and funding for other children in our area with diseases and disabilities.

Starting March 1st – March 13th, we will be selling silicone orange bracelets that have “Matthew’s Mission” in white letters on them for $1 each.  These can be purchased at lunch time for kids to wear during the month of March in support of National Kidney Month!  The monies collected for the silicone bracelets will be donated to Matthew’s Mission in support of local children with chronic medical conditions.

On Friday, March 13th, we are encouraging all students and staff to wear ORANGE for World Kidney Day!  We will take group pictures this day for the newspaper as well.

Thank you so much for your support!  Tracy, Anne, Matthew, and Abi Temple