Blizzard Bag assignments were sent home on Friday, December 19th.  Teachers prepared three days of assignments that support current or previously learned concepts.  The Blizzard Bag assignments will allow us to exceed Ohio’s five-calamity day allocation by three additional days.

Should we exceed the five days, each completed blizzard bag will count toward a day of attendance for you child.  Since the Blizzard Bags support our classroom instruction, we highly recommend students complete the assignments regardless of the number of days of school missed.

Any student who completes all three days of assignments and turns them into their classroom teacher by January 23rd will receive a small treat and have their name placed in a drawing for miscellaneous prizes.

This desire to get the work turned in early will allow important concepts to be reviewed before state testing and prevent assignments from being misplaced.  However, your child will only be docked attendance days if he/she does not complete the Blizzard Bag assignments for days beyond the 5 calamity days.

***Monday, January 12th was our sixth calamity day.  Therefore Blizzard Bag 1 needs to be completed and turned in as soon as possible.  If your child is missing a Blizzard Bag assignment please write a note in the assignment book and his/her classroom teacher will make sure they get another copy.