Coin of the Day Fundraiser

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Fifth grade students hosted a “Coin of the Day” Fundraiser December 16th – December 19th to support classmate Abbygail Rigsby.

Abby has a condition called Osteogensis Imperfecta, more commonly known as “Brittle Bone Disease,” that has prevented her from coming to school several days this year.

On Tuesday, students brought in pennies and nickels, Wednesday – dimes, Thursday – quarters, and Friday any type of coin or dollar.  All proceeds will go towards the purchase of gas cards to help Abby’s family to drive to various doctors all over the state.

The “Help Break Brittle Bones” committee was led by fifth grader Mitch Jennings.  Other members include:  Maddi Kugel, Gunnar Stout, Katie Sturgeon, and Alyssa Tidd.