Kenton Elementary PTO Raffle Sales Fundraiser


The Kenton Elementary PTO will be selling raffle tickets for their fall fundraiser.  The fundraiser will begin on Friday, September 19th and end on Monday, October 13th.

The money will be used to fund all PTO activities for the students for the year, some of which include two field trips per grade level per year and reading incentive prizes.

They are $10.00 donation for a chance to win.

If you are a raffle winner, here are the prizes:

  • 1st:  $2000.00
  • 2nd:  $1000.00
  • 3rd:  $750.00
  • 4th:  $500.00
  • 5th:  $250.00
  • 6th-10th:  $100.00 each

Winners will be drawn on October 15, 2014.

The top seller for EACH grade will receive $25.

OVERALL school top sellers will receive the prizes below (ties will combine 2 places and split, overall school winners will NOT be eligible to win top seller per grade prize):

  • 1st – $100
  • 2nd – $75
  • 3rd – $50

Prizes will be awarded on Friday, October 17th.

Students will be given more information on Monday, September 15th.  They must fill out a permission slip before they are given raffle tickets to sell.

  • Students will be given an envelope containing 5 raffle tickets.
  • Students will return money and raffle tickets in the envelope which will be provided.
  • After the initial 5 raffle tickets are sold and you desire additional tickets to sell please indicate on the envelope that you would like additional tickets.
  • PLEASE NOTE, no more than 10 tickets will be given out to any student at a time.