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KES Staff Attends “The Leader in Me” in Conference

leader in me

On October 18th and 19th, Kenton Elementary School staff attended “The Leader in Me” Conference in Columbus.

This is a school-wide program that Kenton Elementary School is using to enable each student’s full potential.

leader in me
Back Row (Left to Right):  Mrs. Cribley, Mrs. Heckathorn, Mrs. Dyer, and Miss Saunier
Front Row (Left to Right):  Miss Howard, Miss Brim, Mrs. Cox, and Miss Manley

Red Ribbon Week: October 24th – October 28th


What is Red Ribbon Week?
It is a way for students to unite and take a visible stand against substance abuse.

October 24th – October 28th
This is when we will celebrate Red Ribbon Week this year.

Spirit Days

Monday, October 24th
“Sock it to Drugs” (wear crazy socks)

Tuesday, October 25th
“Too Bright for Drugs” (wear bright or neon clothing)

Wednesday, October 26th
“Turn Your Back on Drugs” (wear your shirt backwards)

Thursday, October 27th
“Team Up Against Drugs” (wear sports attire)

Friday, October 28th
“Red Ribbon Spirit” (wear red)

KCS Preschool Receives Award

Kenton City Schools Preschool was recognized at the October 17th Board of Education Meeting for being a Five-Star Program through the state’s Step Up to Quality System, a tiered rating scale for early childhood programs.

Back Row (Left to Right):  Mrs. Katie Ketcham, Mrs. Melissa Roby, Mrs. Angela Butterman and Miss Lindsey Numbers
Front Row (Left to Right):  Steena Dudek, Adella Dudek, Finn Sprang, Noah Reed, and Judah Hudgel

To be recognized as a Five-Star Program, the KCS Preschool submitted evidence that showed they have completed standards by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.

Each student spoke at the Board Meeting and said why they were “a star” at preschool:

Finn Sprang:  “I am a star, because I go to Kenton City Preschool.”

Noah Reed:  “I am a star, because at school I learn by playing.”

Steena Dudek:  “I am a star, because my teachers make sure I am healthy and on track.”

Adella Dudek:  “I am a star, because my parents are a part of my learning.”

Judah Hudgel:  “I am a star, because preschool gets me ready for kindergarten.”

Congratulations to KCS Preschool!